Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Wet ‘n Wild / What’s more fun than a day at the water park? Going everyday! An annual pass to the Hawaiian Adventures Water Park will bring a wave of joy over any water baby’s face.

The water park features adrenaline rushing rides such as the Flyin’ Hawaiian and the Waianae Coasters, which shoots you off a four-story cliff! For the weak and wimpy, the park is also filled with kid-friendly attractions like the massive Water World Playground (measuring over 2,000 square feet). The park also features special after dark “Dive’n’Movie” nights, in which the park is transformed into an outdoor movie theater. Where else can you watch a film while floating on an inner tube? It’s a hot spot for major concerts as well. For the adult crowd, this pass will especially come in handy for the annual summer Love Fest (a techno, rave concert featuring musicians like Kaskade).

Cost: Annual pass $69.99
Where to buy: go to: []