Gift Guide

Image: Courtesy Rich Richardson

The garage wants to be the most popular garage in town. Or rather, The ARTS at Marks Garage has a goal to reach 1,001 friends, or donors, by 2014. The program is called 1001 Friends, says executive director Rich Richardson, and “if just a fraction of the people that show up would chip in just a little bit, we wouldn’t have to worry about [foundation or government] grant money . . . or where the rent is coming from, but how well we can put on productions.” Join as a Friend or a Super Friend, and $10 or $100 (respectively) will be automatically deducted from your bank account each month. You get access to cocktail parties and backstage events, free tickets and wristbands to various performances and street festivals like Hallowballoo, Mardi Gras or Cinco de Mayo.

1001 Friends at Marks Garage: $10 or $100 monthly membership, sign up at []