Gift Guide

Image: Architects Hawaii, Ltd.

Ever wanted your name engraved into a panel in the shape of a leaf where thousands of young eyes will read it? Even if this hasn’t been your personal goal (until now), consider buying a Donor Leaf for yourself or someone you love in the Hawaii Nature Center’s 1,000-square foot rain pavilion. Designed by Architects Hawaii, Ltd., the pavilion will pioneer environmental education for kids and families, while protecting the outdoor classes from the elements. It’s part of the Makiki-based Center’s expansion of educational facilities, with a goal of serving 10,000 more children a year through programs, field trips and weekend community activities. The pavilion will be a much-needed improvement to a heavily used nature conservancy, and will look even prettier with your gift on a small, medium or large Donor Leaf. Give one to the friend who loves nature or the climate-denying pal in hopes he’ll turn over a new leaf.