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holiday Gift Guide 2010

Stunning Gifts from Kaka’ako

J Salon / It seems as if nearly everyone buys his or her Christmas presents at the mall. This year, break away from the herd and visit the Kakaako area for an abundance of small businesses with big-time quality.

Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Gifts that Keep on Giving…and Giving

Ultimate Fight School

Ultimate Fight School / Typically, people open their Christmas presents, feel happy and that’s the end. The truth is that the situation is pretty predictably depressing.

Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Bringing Back Sexy

24 Hour Fitness / Gingerbread cookies, peppermint bark, moose munch… With goodies like these to grind when Christmas comes around, most people can’t help but deep six their diets. But when the holidays are over, and the chubby Santa look is no longer so eye-catching, give your loved one a remedy for his/her seasonal love handles.

holiday Gift Guide 2010

The Gift of Italy… Or Something Italians Like

Hawaii Opera Theater

Hawaii Opera Theater / Due to the recession, most people can no longer afford an actual trip to Italy. So bring something stereotypically Italian to them.

Sing it: “BAS-KET-BALL, We’re Playing Basketball!”

University of Hawai‘i men’s basketball / Nothing compares to actually being at the real game, where you can smell the sweat from the players as they dribble away to victory! Okay, so maybe you can’t smell the sweat, but you can definitely catch a whiff of the stadium’s hot dogs and California Kitchen pizzas.

holiday Gift Guide 2010

Food for Thought

Edible Hawaiian Islands

Edible Hawaiian Islands / For your hardcore foodie friend, (a stereotype that applies to me), a subscription to the Edible Hawaiian Islands magazine will be more than appreciated; it will become an obsession. This quarterly publication features elegantly written articles on local foods and food culture in the spirit of the Slow Food Movement.

Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Time Isn’t Wasted When You’re Having Fun

Wet 'n Wild / What’s more fun than a day at the water park? Going everyday!

Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Hey, Where’s the Party?


ARTafterDark / A membership to the Honolulu Academy of the Arts is the artistically perfect gift for that renaissance soul. With its rustic architecture, the museum is an entirely serene place to experience an international, culturally enriching experience…especially for the hyperactive keiki who finds the basic “observation” of art unengaging and a complete drag.

Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Holiday Gardening

Asagi Hatchery

Asagi Hatchery / Dirt and seeds and worm poop: This is the stuff of gardening gift dreams. Shopping for your favorite gardener can get a little dirty; here are some ideas they’ll really dig.

Holiday Gift Guide 2010

A Worm’s-Eye View

Waikiki Worm Company

Waikiki Worm Company / A container of wriggling worms or a bag of worm poop: There’s a small subset of the population that think these are great gifts…and most of them are probably gardeners. For the avid worm composter, a bag of wriggling worms is a welcome addition to a slow-growing worm system, but for those who are more squeamish, the Waikiki Worm Company also sells vermicast, a by-product of worm composting that some gardeners call “black gold.” If your favorite gardeners don’t already have a worm bin, get them hooked on worms with the Mini Bin, a starter kit for worm composting.

holiday Gift Guide 2010

Wiki Garden in a bag

Waikiki Worm Company

Waikiki Worm Company / For those short on time or space but interested in growing their own food, the Wiki Garden is a local product that’s essentially a garden in a bag. It’s three feet long with a mesh casing that allows for drainage; and it’s filled with an organic soil mix that contains compost, peat moss, worm castings and bat guano–all the ingredients that help your plants grow.

holiday Gift Guide 2010

Green Dreams Via Aquaponics

Olomana Gardens

Olomana Gardens / In a concrete jungle, green dreams are made of aquaponics. How it works: Aquaponics combines aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (soil-less farming in nutrient-rich water).

Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Local Products

Holiday Gift Guide 2010 / Christmas is the season of giving. But instead of relishing the joy and goodness of the act, you’re rushing to Costco at the last minute.

holiday Gift Guide 2010

Fashion worth Fighting For

Fighting Eel

Fighting Eel / Fighting Eel’s dresses are obsession worthy. Even celebrities like Eva Longoria and Hayden Panettiere have fallen into the craze for local designers Rona Bennett and Lan Chung’s modernly cool creations.

holiday Gift Guide 2010

Bathe like Cleopatra

Honey Girl Organics / Honey Girl Organics’ facial creams replenish one’s skin and spirit, and with a variety of nourishing facial products and rejuvenating masks, Blue Hawaii is a one-stop shop for pampered bathers. Honey-based products have antioxidant properties, and other cremes and lotions have organic olive oil and natural essential oils.

holiday Gift Guide 2010

The Midas Touch

Surfing Goat Dairy / Protein is essential for building up big surfer muscles, so why not make goat cheese this year’s must-have item under the tree? The original plain chevre is rich and creamy, with that nice punch of top-quality tanginess.

holiday Gift Guide 2010

Loco for Cocoa

Sweet Paradise Chocolatier

Sweet Paradise Chocolatier / Give something unforgettable this holiday, like a drool-worthy puff of cocoa from Sweet Paradise Chocolatier. Tiny turtle chocolates painted with stars, and others concocted from herbs are only a few of the delicate cocoa gems one will find.

holiday Gift Guide 2010

Tying the Intellectual Bow

Native Books/Na Mea Hawaii / We all have those friends or family members who love nothing more than a new book under the tree. Giant-sized booksellers and overwhelcming stacks of bestsellers can seem a little daunting, so for an afternoon of simple, book-buying pleasure, visit Native Books/Na Mea Hawaii.

holiday Gift Guide 2010

Through the Looking Glass

Jessica Landau’s Candy cane ornament

Jessica Landau’s Candy cane ornament / Local glass artist Jessica Landau’s whimsical creations are one-of-a-kind works of art. Her seasonal candy cane ornaments are visual delights that are sure to make everyone around the Christmas tree swoon.

holiday Gift Guide 2010

Edible ‘Ukuleles

Hokulani Bake Shop

Hokulani Bake Shop / Hokulani Bake Shop takes pride in the artistry behind their creations and their cookies are works of art. Shaped like everything from ‘ukuleles to aloha wear, these cookies are tipping the sweet scale.

Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Move Your Body

Comes with video

Kinect / If the techie in your family doesn’t already own an iPad, she probably doesn’t want one. But fear not, there’s still much in the digital realm of electronic gadgets to satiate her gizmodic needs.

holiday Gift Guide 2010

Keyed In

Rock Band 3

Rock Band 3 / Rock Band 3. Yes, it’s another sequel to the music video-game franchise, but this time, they add a keyboard.

Holiday Gift Guide 2010

New Toy Legacy


Tron / Gearing up for Tron: Legacy? Before the FX extravaganza hits theaters, you can play with the toys and act out your own adventures.

holiday Gift Guide 2010

Nano Need

iPod Nano

iPod Nano / As if we need another iPod. But really, this one’s different.

Holiday Food Guide

For: Locavores

Holiday Food Guide

Holiday Food Guide / Recommendation by: Martha Cheng, the Weekly’s Food and Drink editor Big Island Bees Ohia Lehua Honey This honey is velvet luxury in a jar. It already looks different–opaque and white like whipped butter.

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