The Quintessentials

The Quintessentials / It’s tough enough getting good punk bands (no, as a matter of fact, that’s not an oxymoron) to visit us here on the island, so it’s a damn good thing we have a few great ones of our own. Unfortunately, all too often, some of our favorites break up or move off the rock–where they can tour farther than two hours from their houses. But lucky for us, Sometimes They Come Back. Horror-punk outfit The Quintessentials, longtime favorite of the black-adorned and socially awkward set, return after frontman Les Hernandez moved to Oregon almost two years ago, leaving us only with their three CDs of catchy punk reminiscent of The Vindictives, Misfits and The Ramones and our memories of many a night at Pink Cadillac. Good times.

So we have good news and bad; they’re back, but it’s only for one night. That one night, however, proves to be quite special, because if you haven’t yet reached 21 in the time they’ve been gone, Anna Bannana’s is letting the kiddies come out and stay late.

More bad news: old friends and close compadres Extra Stout who shared many a stage with the ‘Quints will share one last spotlight, and then they’re calling it quits. Seems to us if we’re going to lose another great band, then maybe we shouldn’t let Hernandez and company get back to the airport.

Anna Bannana’s, 2440 S. Beretania St., Sat 7/12, 9pm, $5, all ages, [], 946-5190