DJs Against AIDS

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Mon, Dec 3

DJs Against AIDS / Instead of just donating a few cents outside of Safeway to the omnipresent ringer-of-the-bell this holiday season, take it to the next level and party altruistically. Double-O-Spot’s DJs Against AIDS gives you a chance to get your socially-conscious dance on to raise money and awareness for one of the deadliest diseases that still has no cure. Celebrating its 15th year, the event brings together the local dance and DJ community to burn off some of that, ahem, “winter insulation” from Thanksgiving, all while donating 100 percent of the proceeds to the Life Foundation, an organization dedicated to stopping the spread of AIDS as well as helping those who already have the disease. This is one bar tab you won’t regret later.

Hula’s Bar & Lei Stand, 134 Kapahulu Ave., 2nd floor, Thu 12/3, 8pm, 21+, The Warehouse, 441 Koula St., Fri 12/4, 16+, []m.