Celebrate Reading: Book Club
Image: Gerry Edra From [Wikipedia.org]


Tue, Apr 17

Celebrate Reading: Book Club / With the new technology of downloading books through popular devices such as the iPad and Kindle, toting literature is cool and fashionable again. Celebrate Reading: Book Club & Literature Festival at the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Art Auditorium will offer an opportunity to beef up brains for modern day literature.

Last year’s attendees enjoyed Markus Zusak, the Australian bestselling author of The Book Thief. This year’s guest writers target Hawaii’s more impressionable readers with the arrival of young adult writers like New Yorker Neal Shusterman and Terry Trueman from Washington. UH’s very own David Stannard will be the event’s only non-fiction writer to discuss Honor Killing, based on the infamous rape and murder case of Thalia Massie. The aforementioned guests will be rounding out the list of 17 writers who will be in attendance at the free festival to discuss their reading and writing experiences.

HawaiiSlam founder and performance poet Kealoha will be on hand to MC the event along with Hawaiian storyteller Nyla Fujii-Babb to celebrate the gathering of predominantly homegrown readers and writers. Forty-five minute breakout sessions will serve as interludes among the dozen plus conversations that the public will have to choose from, along with reading performances to open and close the intergenerational event.

The outreach itself is dedicated to the memory of Asa Yamashita who served as a literacy coordinator at Waianae High School and was a reading activist. Another individual remembered is the late Ian MacMillan. Journalist Mike Tsai will discuss MacMillan’s posthumous novel BoneHook with the help of young novelist Alexei Melnick, both of whom have written works under MacMillan’s mentorship.

The contributions of Hawaii’s writers live on, not only through their new digital downloadable form, but in spirit.

Art Auditorium, 2535 McCarthy Mall, Sat 4/17, 8:30am, free, [hawaii.edu], 239-9726