Tue, May 16

Aloha Shorts / If you grew up in Hawaii or lived in the Islands long enough, you probably heard the phrase “talk story.” Talking story happens between best friends and strangers in line at the grocery store. But does anyone think about the value that talking story holds? Most likely, no. Fortunately, the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Center for Oral History understands how crucial talking story is in preserving Hawaii’s history. Over the years, it’s conducted countless oral interviews with everyone from pineapple field workers to labor organizers. It’s latest collection of interviews will be brought to life by some of Hawaii’s finest actors (Dann Seki, Moses Goods III, Wil Kahele) in a special taping for the radio program Aloha Shorts, called, “In their Own Words; Voices of Hawaii’s Past.” There will also be local poems and stories from Bamboo Ridge Press, not to mention the music of the quirky Hamajang Band. While the event offers a rare glimpse into the harsh lives of Hawaii’s working class, be prepared to be equally entertained, as Aloha Shorts is known to achieve both laughter and levity.

Mission Memorial Auditorium, 550 S. King St., Sun 5/16, 11am, free, [hawaiipublicradio.org], 955-8821