The Mask Messenger
The Mask Messenger


Mon, Jun 12

The Mask Messenger / Imagine Jason without his hockey mask, V without his Guy Fawkes façade, Zorro without that strip of black cloth over his eyes or, heaven forbid, any Lucha Libre luchador without his mascara. It’s virtually impossible, not to mention a tad disturbing. Most masked marvels are entertaining because of their masks–because masks can give any source of entertainment that extra kick. In a nutshell, there’s something thoroughly transforming about a mask. A series of vignettes devoted to expounding and embracing the role of masks in theater, then, is close to necessary. And thanks to Robert Faust–founder and artistic director of Faustwork Mask Theatre–we’re in luck. On Saturday, UH Manoa will present Faust’s The Mask Messenger, a sequence of funny, touching, sometimes peculiar stories in which masks and their theatrical byproducts are the stars of the show. Masks, considering their ability to completely alter how human psychology, history, fashion and a plethora of other themes are conveyed, surely deserve their own genre. As a bonus, be one of the first 100 people to show up to the Kennedy Theatre wearing your own original mask (original, being the operative word) and you win a free ticket.

Kennedy Theatre, 1770 E West Rd., Sat 6/12, 7:30pm, $8-$20 at door, ages 8 and up, [], 956-8246