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Sat, Nov 17

Who Wants to be a One-In-A-Million-aire / You’re in the hot seat. Your palms are sweating as Regis Philbin (sorry Meredith) asks you the first question: “What are the two major parties in the US?”

The answer has to be Mardi Gras and the Tea Party. Right?

Regardless of what the question is, the answer to anything–life, the universe, whatevas–is at the upcoming Who Wants to be a One-In-A-Million-aire, hosted by the Institute for Astronomy at University of Hawaii at Manoa.

The event is designed to ask specific questions about the odds of intelligent life and civilization in the Milky Way. Volunteer contestants can use their lifelines to phone a friend, poll the audience or consult a panel of experts. By the end of the quasi-game show experience, the host will calculate whether or not civilizations are common in the Milky Way or whether ours is a “one-in-a-million world.”

UH Art Auditorium, 2500 Campus Rd., Wed., 11/17, 7:30pm, free, [ifa.hawaii.edu]