15th Annual DJs Against AIDS

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Mon, Dec 3

15th Annual DJs Against AIDS / Not to sound all Bono, but music really does bring people together. It’s even better when the music is paired with a good cause that unites individuals to bring about a positive change. (OK, so maybe in this vein, sounding like Bono isn’t that bad.)

In union with World AIDS Day on Dec. 1, show your support on the dance floor at the 15th Annual DJs Against AIDS, a benefit for Life Foundation, the island’s largest HIV/AIDS nonprofit organization. It’s produced by OOSpot, show runners to Hawaii’s underground lounge-and-rave scene, so be ready to get your feel-good weekend groove on early with this two-part charity affair, starting at Hula’s Bar & Grill and continuing at The Warehouse.

With a diverse lineup of DJs like Rayne, Nickolus, G-Spot, Scarrd, Dallas Debauch, Mindgame, Maxxx, Mr. Nick, Big Red and many more, this audio alliance against AIDS is guaranteed to get you waving your red ribbons in the air like you just do care.

Hula’s Bar & Lei Stand, 134 Kapahulu Ave., 2nd Floor, Thu., 12/2, 8pm-2am, $5, 21+; The Warehouse, 441 Koula St., Fri., 12/3, 10pm-4am, $5, 16+,[], 591-3500