Clones of the Queen
The Clones hide out in the bushes.
Image: COTQ

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Sat, Dec 9

Clones of the Queen / Clones of the Queen’s story has thus far been one of hard work and its subsequent rewards. With the experience of front woman Ara Laylo and guitarist Paul Bajcar, and the bright-eyed enthusiasm of just-beyond-nascent synth player Matthew McVickar, COTQ has steadily built its musical repertoire of spacey rock over the past year-and-a-half. What has all of that gotten them? A successful Kickstarter fund that helped them complete their first EP, Gate, as well as some help from LA producer Manny Nieto, who is intent on helping a few of Hawaii’s current indie rock bands blow up. COTQ will celebrate the release of Gate in style at Apartment3.

Whether you toke up before COTQ’s performance or not, you’ll be given an out-of-this-world sonic experience, allowing you to explore your own universe, if just for a song or two. If the band’s chemistry and musical synchronicity doesn’t show each member’s dedication to COTQ, try to catch a glimpse of McVickar’s tattoo of Mycocepurus smithii–the species of ant that is the band name’s inspiration. With bright hopes of growing success in the future, be at the show to witness the star chapter in COTQ’s continuing tale.

Apartment3, 1750 Kalakaua Ave., Thu., 12/9, 9pm, 21+, [], 955-9300