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Getting all ecstatic.

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Sat, Jan 21

KCC, The Chapel / Bliss is a state of being utterly content in this moment, or so says Heeraa Sazevich, who believes that combining dance with meditation and emotional release facilitates a person to–let go.

It’s hard not to believe Heeraa. She’s well, chipper, and for someone who studied classical dance in Japan for six years, spent seven years in India studying meditation, and then spent a combination of seven years teaching people how to be ecstatically happy in Idaho and Oahu, it seems that Heeraa has a leg up on Liz Gilbert.

“Ecstatic dance is called ‘ecstatic’ because it is a practice that invites you to be present in your body, in movement, and let go of the past and future,” says Heeraa. “Being present is all you need to be blissful. This very juicy moment is enough.”

For Heeraa, dance is the thing that gets you out of your head, the thing that helps you feel your truth, that immerses you in the present. She believes that by letting go in the medium of dance, there is a good chance that fears of past and future will fall away.

“This very breath, this smile, this gesture of my hand. Bliss is that simple.”

In an upcoming dance series at Kapiolani Community College, Heeraa teaches students about real resolutions, ones that have more to do with connecting and releasing, than losing anything at all.

“In order to maintain a fitness goal, you have to enjoy yourself. It’s also got to be creative and never the same. [In this class] we connect with loving open-hearted people, feeling safe in a non-judgmental, non-competitive place, connecting to Source… whatever that may be for you.”

In her workshop, Dancing with the Stars: Learn Astrology through Creative Movement, students will explore the archetypes of the astrological signs and the unique energies of the stars.

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