Onward, etc.
A topless Rosco with his harp.

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Sun, Feb 5

Onward, etc. / If a band is not topping the charts, touring can be financially daunting. Travel accommodations must be made for each member, not to mention all their instruments and equipment. Sometimes all that’s left is a [band name here] “World Tour” shirt. Roadies wear it for years to come and it fades from black to an affectionate dull gray. Musician Rosco Wuestewald has found a cost-effective solution to the tour dilemma and is making his way up in the music world with his project, Onward, etc.

The basic idea behind his project was to form groups of musicians wherever he traveled and have them serve as his backing band. In other words, audiences would not see the same musicians performing with him in Los Angeles as they would in New York City. Chuck Berry is known for doing the same thing, but his tunes are standards to many musicians. Wuestewald left his South Dakota home at an early age to start up this indie-folk project and now he is finally experiencing the fruits of his labor.

Onward, etc will perform at the Venue and at several street festivals in Honolulu before returning to the mainland for more touring and recording.

The Venue, 1146 Bethel St., Sat., 2/5, 7:30pm, $5, [], 521-9699