Dance / For the B-boys and B-girls at heart anxiously waiting for a new season of America’s Best Dance Crew, wait no longer–the best dance crews in America will be coming soon. And no, we’re not talking about another Step Up 3-D–we’re talking about Real Life.

World of Dance, the largest international urban dance competition, will swing by Honolulu for a fun-filled night of rich, stylistic street dancing that’s suited for the whole family. Get ready to be awed by some serious popping, locking and krumping (consult your nearest krumptionary if these terms need clarifying). The acrobatic maneuvers and aerodynamic spins from these crews are executed with such precision and panache they would send Fred Astaire into a daze.

There will be performances featuring Chachi Gonzales (from America’s Best Dance Crew), Miles “Baby Boogaloo” Brown (from America’s Got Talent) and Mos Wanted Crew (seven international choreographers from ABDC). Celebrity judges include Cindy Minowa (from Kaba Modern, ABDC) and Phi Nguyen (from Jabbawockeez, ABDC).

Out of the 15 performances by crews from Guam, California, Kauai and Hawaii’s very own Academy of Hype–which won first place at last year’s Hawaii competition and this year’s Los Angeles competition–will be back in hopes of taking another win…third time’s a charm.

Blaisdell Arena and Expo, 777 Ward Ave., Sat., 12/12, 5–10pm, $25, [], (909) 525-3716