Hele, Kailua!
Image: courtesy Hawaii Cyclovia

‘Ohana / On Sunday, select streets in Kailua will be temporarily shut down for–you guessed it–non-vehicle motorists, including bicyclists, skaters, runners and walkers. Believe that it took eight months in planning Hawaii’s first Cyclovia in an effort to encourage people to get out of the car and see how easy it is to navigate town without the use of fuel.

A Kailua 5K kicks off at 10am and the day is filled with activities you won’t find anywhere near a funnel cake stand. Think Zumba, boot-camp classes, wellness tests, yoga and BMX demonstrations, and booths with bike shop reps and vendors.

Unusual bikes will be on display, as well as the energetic collective of Kailua’s fuel-free enthusiasts whose mission is to integrate transportation and land use.

Kailua Town and Enchanted Lake, Sun., 8/26, 11am–3pm, visit [HawaiiCyclovia.org] or on Facebook at Cyclovia-Hawaii