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Concerts & Clubs
Musiq I.Q.? Definitely.

Concerts & Clubs / The Atlantic Records recording artist and neo-soul crooner Musiq Souldchild has a music sensibility and songwriting prowess that takes listeners on journeys of rollercoaster love rides, some of which the late, great Don Cornelius (of Soul Train) would surely be proud. Carving out the ups, downs, highs and lows of life and love, Soulchild leaves us with timeless tracks like “Just Friends” and “For the Night.” It seems his every intention is to make you dig deep and feel something. “B.U.D.D.Y” and “Chocolate High,” featuring India Arie, exemplify this fact, and although soul music’s role in the pop stream is less prominent these days, Soulchild is a necessary presence. With six albums under his belt, all of which have made it as high as the top three spots on the Billboard R&B charts, the Philadelphia native’s latest album MusiqInTheMagiq inspires newcomers to bask in the glow of neo-soul.

In addition to being an 11-time Grammy-nominated artist, Soulchild’s also written a book. If the tunes don’t reel you in, perhaps the author’s Luv According to Musiq will.


Blaisdell Concert Hall, Sat., 8/25, 7pm, []