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Hay girl, Haaaay
Image: Jonas Maon

From the moment Switch from Major Lazer told his buddies it was the best party he ever played, nobody needed to hear anything else. People now know that Labor Day weekend just isn’t Labor Day weekend without the Bacardi Pool Party. Going on three years at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, the formula for fun is pretty locked down. Full disclaimer: I should know, I’m producing the dang thing.

With a capacity of only a few hundred people, the party has definitely outgrown the resort, routinely leaving several hundred party hopefuls disappointed outside the doors. But with limited location options in the very-family-friendly Waikiki, the show must go on . . . somewhere. Music is by Nocturnal Sound Krew including Compose, Jami and SSSolution and special surprise DJs that are always pretty much clambering to play the event when they’re in town.

Just head over with a Plan B, keep your attitude positive in the line, and if it works out, then prepare for the craziest five hours of your life on de pool deck.

Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, 2552 Kalakaua Ave., Mon., 9/3, 1–6pm, $20, 21+