Kuchar’s favorite materials? Ink, Sauerkraut, Sasquatch, Irony.
Image: [EverythingIsJake.com]

Extras / On Friday, The Manifest is serving up a curious mix of vintage art by Nick Kuchar and award-winning cocktails by Justin Park (remember him, the $10,000 Mai Tai winner?). His signature “Hendrick’s Gin Cocktails” celebrate Kuchar’s most recent collection “Everything is Jake,” a nod to retro Hawaii’s pastel sounds and breezy colors.

Originally from Florida, Kuchar studied Industrial Design at Auburn University and now lives on Oahu, where he continually studies the use of colors, text, shapes and materials around him, materials that are found, it seems, in another era’s highways, craters, bays and coastlines.

Curiously Vintage is an event to browse while you drink, drink while you browse. Stay long. Look hard. Leave with something.

The Manifest, 32 N. Hotel St., Fri., 9/7, opens to the public at 8pm, [manifesthawaii.com], [everythingisjake.com], 523-7575