On Stage

On Stage
Wil T.K. Kahele, Rodrigo Trumata Poyesit Jr. and Sharon Garcia-Doyle in Kumu Kahua Theatre’s production of One Comedy of Erras.
Image: Photo by Orrin Nakanelua

On Stage / Kumu Kahua Theatre kicks off its 42nd season with a world premiere by local playwright and director Taurie Kinoshita. One Comedy of Erras is a local riff on Shakespeare’s shortest and most farcical comedy (run time is one-third that of Hamlet!).

Through a combination of unlikely events, twin brothers are separated at birth. In Kinoshita’s version, one man is raised in Connecticut and the other on Oahu. When both find themselves in downtown Honolulu and one is assumed to be the other, wackiness ensues. The play rings with a medley of mistaken identities, slapstick comedy, zany characters and silly situations (like a tita loan collector with a rabid mongoose and a boyfriend dangerously susceptible to tickling).

Get there early to catch the pre-show entertainment, recommends Royce Okazaki, the actor who plays Kani of Hartford. “You don’t want to miss a single thing.” People don’t even want to walk outside for a coffee at intermission, he says. “But under all the humor, there’s a really heart-felt message. Deep down, it’s all about Hawai’i and Aloha.”

Kumu Kahua Theatre, 46 Merchant St., runs through Sun., 9/30, $10-$20,visit [kumukahua.org] for various showtimes, 536-4441