Concerts & Clubs

Concerts & Clubs
All rice? All right.
Image: Courtesy KTUH

Concerts & Clubs / Onolicious, ‘opu-filling carbs come in many forms, and yes, the avid Hawaii hip hop fan loves rice too, as in the food. Rice, in this case, however, is the starchy metaphor for fortified beats and rhymes, stuff “The Got Rice Show” on KTUH has cooked and fed to its hungry listeners every Wednesday night.

The popular program, hosted by Justin “DJ Bone” Kaneshiro, will go all-in when lyricist legend Aceyalone takes the stage at the second annual Got Rice? Fest. As the co-founder of Project Blowed and mainstay of Freestyle Fellowship, Haiku D’Etat and The A Team, Aceyalone has a rap career three decades deep filled with rambunctious rhymes worthy of a place among the greats of the underground backpack era. With longevity earned through creativity, don’t think for a second that the West Coast legend doesn’t care about his reputation.

The esteemed emcee, whose new project “Leaning on Slick” is set for release soon, is also focused on a legacy. “I at least want to leave something respectable for the future,” he says. “A lot of the old styles we did a while ago are more accepted now. I can see some of them are finally starting to get it.”

LA upstart emcee J Natural will return to round out the night. Puzzled Mugs, Bless Ito, Noah Neevs, Repo and Sirenz rep the home team.

Hawaiian Brians, 1680 Kapiolani Blvd., Fri., 9/14, 8pm, Tickets at Prototype, In4mation and Human Imagination, []. 18+