Wily’s throwing a party--5-O style.
Image: courtesy Taylor Wily

Extras / Everyone loves McGarrett and Danno, but we all know the true star of Hawaii Five-0 is Kamekona, that big guy with the food truck. We relate to Taylor Wily’s love affair with shrimp, and his snarky, anti-haole remarks make us giggle. Plus, it’s nice to have an actual local on the CBS network, because let’s face it, Alex’s “Ho’ brah” doesn’t sound quite right.

This month, Wily is throwing a 5-0 Party at Aloha Tower to thank us for three seasons of support. Unlike the actual premiere the following weekend, Wily’s party puts the spotlight on the fans.

“It’s just an opportunity for all the fans to come,” says Willy. “I wanted to share the experience of a red carpet with everyone.”

So pretty up. Wear your best suit and strut down the carpet to flashing paparazzi bulbs and live entertainment by local bands Fiji and J Boog.

Asked to spill some secrets on the next season’s storyline, the informer-slash-comic relief character simply states, “Filming is going so great. As time goes by, the team gets better. The writing is so good.”

This fall, expect more McDanno bromance, shirtless shots and horrible Kia rat commercials. We also hope that Punahou kid and Kono will get together, ‘cos that would be just too cute.

Aloha Tower, 1 Aloha Tower Dr., Unit 136, Sun., 9/23, 7pm–2am, $40-$50, [alohataylorwily.com]