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Concerts & Clubs
It’s all in the audible details.
Image: Kalani Wilhelm

Concerts & Clubs / The creative tendencies and skill levels of Hawaii’s best DJs will be put to the testat the Dirtstyle Vinyl Challenge this Saturday at the Diverse Art Center. Returning to the skill-driven format reminiscent of DJ battles of the 90’s, the Challenge pays respect to reputable battles like the DMC and ITF while providing its own signature twist. This time around contestants will face off head-to-head in “The Octagon.” No laptops allowed. All vinyl.

DJs Cozy, 720, Collosus, Revise, Packo and Technique wouldn’t have it any other way, competing in categories where the ability to improvise and focus on the fly will eventually determine the winner.

“We had a wish list of sign-ups and our goal was to just get one,” says event organizer, Anthony Manaoat. ”Let’s just say we got all of them.”

DJ Vinroc (5th Platoon, Triple Threat), Jami of the Nocturnal Sound Krew and Freestyle Sessions’ founder, Cross-1 will serve as judges, so expect the expert panel to be more than up to the task to pay attention to even the most intricate audible detail.

The event will also celebrate Diverse Art Center’s transition into a non-profit organization.

“We were waiting for the right timing and team so that we would start off on the right foot,” says the Center’s founder and director, Nicole Kealoha. Functioning as a non-profit will help the center attain grants and hire employees to expand the youth program which encourages creativity through the arts, statewide.

Diverse Art Center, 604 Ala Moana Blvd., Sat., 9/15, (workshop takes place at 3:30pm, and battle from 5–10pm), $15 adults, $10 w/ school I.D. Free for kids 12 and under, []