On Stage

On Stage
Image: courtesy Earle Ernst Lab Theatre

On Stage / Sure, it might seem like the whole film festival thing is an overcooked chicken, but DANCEonFILM, a series of shorts from all over the world, curated by Kara Miller and Larry Asakawa for the Department of Theater and Dance at UH Manoa, is unlike any that we’ve seen yet.

Oh, you didn’t know that experimental post-modernistic dance films were something you’d be into? Turns out they’re hypnotic, challenging, creative and stimulating examples of dance’s relationship and interdependence on the moving image. According to Miller, the “camera and editing are choreographed along with the dance. There is a relationship between the visual rhythm of the body, the timing of the edit and the movement of the camera” in these films that explore what the human body, technology and imagination can do with one another. “Richard Pena once said that ‘Film is the natural bridge among all the arts’,” she adds. “It’s true, because cinema and dance are two mediums based on motion.”

The movies, shown successively for a total of about an hour and a half, are no longer than a music video, but are just long enough to ask the viewer more questions than they answer.

Earle Ernst Lab Theatre, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1770 East-West Rd., Sun., 9/9, 2:30pm, $10 suggested donation, 956-7655, [hawaii.edu]