Concerts & Clubs

Concerts & Clubs
Get your organs stimulated at The Manifest’s All Ages Show.
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Concerts & Clubs / Located only 45 skips and three hops down the street from the Weekly’s offices is The Manifest, one of our favorite hangouts. The club has hosted Corby Plumb’s Monthly 1st Thursday all-ages show for nearly a year now. The DIY scene includes various artists from hip-hop to bluegrass to punk and Noise Core, who gather to rearrange the mechanical waves that oscillate and pressurize inside the bar’s walls, leaving listeners a level of sound sufficiently strong enough to enhance a buzz, or kill it, depending on one’s musical taste.

Coming up at Station Bar are three DIY bands and the Whatever Underground show including the new art punk trio, Nerve Beats (Jack Tawil, Corby Plumb and Travis Wiggins), and a post-anarcho free-jazz band with horns, drums and guitars, Midstream Duo, as well as Audible Lab Rats. This is the official release party for Nerve Beats’ artist manifesto, with copies available for a buck.

They remind us that there are underground scenes, and then there are musical tombs waiting to be excavated. We dig on.

All Ages Show at The Manifest, 32 North Hotel St., First Thursdays, Oct. 4, []
Whatever Underground with Nerve Beats, Audible Lab Rats and Midstream Duo playing at Station Bar & Lounge, 1726 Kapiolani Blvd., Wed., 9/26, 9pm, 21+, free, 384-9963
Check out [] for 32 minutes of Honolulu’s DIY underground music scene, from hardcore and indie rock to experimental and electric sounds.