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Planet Rock.

Concerts & Clubs / In their pursuit of music salvation, alternative rockers The White Jacket intend to push your state of mind to the brink.

Hard Rock Cafe Waikiki will serve as host to the slick rocker’s album release concert party Saturday night as the up and coming group hash out the tunes to celebrate their debut album 5,000 Miles From High St., a collection of 10 spanking good original songs.

A favorite among the raging pool of rock bands that make up the islands’ ever-growing indie music scene, the quintet comprised of Elton Dubois, Brandon Patrick, Joe Baiera, Rocky Freitas and Dustin Dobos have an amped and devoted following.

Their song, “New Beginnings,” recently hit radio airwaves and, along with the album’s release, the band, whose members are originally from Hawaii, Ohio and Washington, will celebrate two years together next month. Busekrus and Virgin Mary complete the all-out rock bash.

Time to salvage the sound, thrive and come alive.

Hard Rock Cafe, 280 Beachwalk, Sat., 9/22, 9:30pm, No cover, []