Content that challenges young minds comes to the mainstatge
Image: Kennedy Theater

Stage / What is the difference between theatre for young audiences and theatre for everyone else? The first mainstage production of the 2012-2013 season at UHM’s Kennedy Theatre may help answer that question. The Giver is a stage adaptation of Lois Lowry’s controversial, award-winning novel.

Set in a world without emotion, where people live in what is considered by the elders to be happiness, one young boy is selected to receive (from the “giver”) all the memories of what things were like before these utopian (or possibly dystopian) days.

With its difficult yet important themes and content, this production (a regional premiere) marks a change from Kennedy’s recent “children’s” offerings. In fact, the show, directed by Mark Branner (the department’s new director of the Theatre for Young Audiences program) is for ages 8 and above. Though the age restriction excludes the little ones, this play will likely connect with audiences both young and old.

Kennedy Theatre Mainstage, 1770 East West Rd., Runs 9/21, 22, 28, 29 at 7:30pm; 9/30 at 2pm, $5-$20, Free pre-show chat, Sat. 9/29 6:30pm, [], 956-7655