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Concerts & Clubs
Andrew Sullivan redefines the cover artist
Image: Andrew Sullivan

Art After Art After Dark

Concerts & Clubs / Feeding your brain is good but sometimes you gotta feed your soul. If Art After Dark ends too early for you and you’re not ready to call it quits with the whole creative experience this Friday, try venturing over to The Venue for an eclectic mix of artistic talent. Epiphany: Multi-Media Arts Event will have fashion, music, dance, art, video and cuisine, all under one roof. There will be live music by Taimane Gardner, one of the most passionate performers in the scene, and freeform neo-soul hip hop jazzy genius bcap with Tempo Valley. Also on the bill is Tavana, who shot to stardom in 2007 after his heart-wrenching “Hawaii 78” performance with Eddie Vedder in the Hawaii Theatre, later recorded for an exclusive Pearl Jam holiday album. Late night bites in the form of Peruvian tapas, art by Andrew Sullivan-Haskins (who makes collages out of recycled Honolulu Weekly covers–at least somebody reads us!) and a bikini fashion show by Brazilian goddess factory San Lorenzo Bikinis rounds out what looks like a pretty epic experience.

The Venue, 1146 Bethel St., Fri., 10/26, 21+ $10, 8pm–2am