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Run from Zombies, or drink one
Image: courtesy youPic

Food & Drink / Quick, what’s the best way to stave off a zombie? Give him a Bloody Mary! But if you’d rather get bitten and join the horde, be part of the zombie army at the Zombie Apocalypse Pub Crawl 2012.

Beginning at The Venue (1146 Bethel St.), makeup artists will be on hand from 4–8pm to assist in your zombification. The degree of decay ranges from freshly dead ($10), slowly decomposing ($20), zombified ($40) to totally rotten ($50). Once you’ve gotten your wristband snuggly fitted around your bony, flesh-deprived wrist, you’re free to venture throughout Chinatown to participating venues free of charge, with live music, DJs and drink specials.

At the end of the night, drag your mangled frame back to The Venue for a finale party with Go Jimmy Go, back again this year after a successful inaugural monster bash last October. There will also be a costume contest and Body Part Scavenger Hunt that you can really sink your teeth into.

No one will be safe when the Zombie Apocalypse hits, except those without brains for the undead to feed on. Try knocking back a few Mind Erasers–they’ll leave you staggering down the streets just like a zombie.

The Venue, Nextdoor, Indigo, O’Toole’s Irish Pub, The Dragon Upstairs, Downbeat Diner, Mercury Bar, bambuTwo, JJ Dolan’s, thirtyninehotel, Hank’s Café, Bar 35, Chinatown, Sat., 10/13, 6pm, $13–$15, [], presale tickets at [], 21+