Celebrating 40 years of cinematic empowerment for females everywhere.
Image: Courtesy Women Make Movies

Film & Femininity

Movies / Cinephiles and philanthropists alike can rejoice as their interests align for the 40th anniversary tour of Women Make Movies (WMM), a non-profit organization that helps with the production and distribution of indie films by and about women. In a stop between Columbia and Colorado Springs, WMM is swinging by the Isles to showcase two estrogen-empowering documentaries at the Hawaii International Film Festival. But first, ARTS at Marks Garage will host an evening with the powerhouse behind WMM, executive director Debra Zimmerman. With a promised discussion over wine and chocolate about her work and the history of WMM, a night out to talk about cinema and the female resolve might be just what the liberation doctor ordered. “We empower women all the time,” said Zimmerman, “It defines what Women Make Movies is about.” And despite the event’s female-centricity, men are still encouraged to take up the part of supporting character. How? “They can give us money!” Zimmerman said with a laugh. Perhaps it’s enough to treat your leading lady to a night out for some good, old-fashioned chitchat.

The ARTS at Marks Garage, 1159 Nu’uanu Ave., Sun,. 10/14, 7pm, $30, tickets at []. For more info, visit []