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Drexler’s hot & cold with “Cool Heat”
Image: Debra Drexler

It’s not an action we’d recommend, but in the abstract, we’ll endorse it.

Staring into the Sun is the latest solo exhibition of paintings by artist Debra Drexler, and notably, her first solo showing in Hawaii since her local debut 10 years ago at the Honolulu Museum of Art (back when it was known as the Academy), with her show Gaughin’s Zombie.

It was that complex installation, and furthermore exhaustive introduction from Drexler, that took the artist on a tour to New York and her first solo Big Apple showing that eventually built the bridge between the East Coast and Pacific, informing her work ever since.

Like the subject matter of her latest presentation (the sun), Drexler brings a decade of practicing art full circle by focusing on a bright star that shines over both locales. It’s a continuation of Drexler’s large-scale exploration of painting techniques, abstraction, meditation and the Hawaiian landscape–of “making the invisible visible.” She’s stared into the sun so we don’t have to.

The ARTS at Marks Garage, 1159 Nuuanu Ave., opens First Friday, 11/2, 5–10pm, exhibition runs through 12/1, open Tue.–Sat. 11am–6pm, reception on Thu., 11/15, 6–9pm, free, [], 521-2903