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Concerts & Clubs
Ballyhoo! is making its way here
Image: Alan Welding

Concerts & Clubs / There’s something inherently pretentious about musicians who add punctuation marks to their names (Ke$ha and the band that’s just “!!!”, for example) But that’s not the case with Ballyhoo!, the Baltimore-based punks whose exclamation point only adds to the excitement. Sounding like ‘90s reggae pop, these wild boys have caused an uproar across the nation on tour with Tribal Seeds while still responding to their fans on YouTube, Facebook and FanBridge. Read as: This band is big enough to tour the country and make it to Hawaii, but not quite famous enough yet to give them swell heads. The Weekly spoke with lead vocalist and guitarist Howi Spangler by phone a few weeks ago after he awoke from an afternoon nap.

“The shows have been great,” said Spangler groggily. “We’re really looking forward to partying in Hawaii–hope to see a lot of people.”

Promoting their latest album, Daydreams, Spangler says he’s been dreaming of being on a real tour bus (instead of trying to sleep in a cramped van) and also of coming to Honolulu. “It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a long time. It’s supposed to be this amazing place so we’re looking forward to just checking it out and playing somewhere completely new.”

Join the ruckus. Request them on Star 101.9 and come to the Republik to show them how to really party.

The Republik, 1349 Kapiolani Blvd., Sat., 10/13, 8pm, $23.50, [], []