Go Slowa in Manoa
Image: Michael Robles

Extras / Kava, also known as ‘awa, has a reputation for its bitter, dirt-like taste, numbing sensation and relaxing abilities, without impairing cognitive processes. While that might not sound like a party in your mouth, for many in Hawaii, it’s a traditional drink with healing powers used to unwind with friends and family in the same way many of us drink beer (but without the negative health effects). Intrigued? Check out The Hawaii Pacific Islands Kava Festival at UH Manoa this weekend for the ‘Awa Development Council’s 10th annual celebration.

A new sponsor this year, 1HourBreak 100% Natural Kava Spray, wants us to move away from prescription drugs to deal with stress and anxiety by realizing that there are all-natural alternatives to medication that don’t have detrimental side effects. In a community where our land is our lifesource, we need to take advantage of what it provides.

Combined with other flavors, kava can actually be quite pleasant. Samples will be available to soothe your soul as you learn about the importance of kava to Hawaiian and Pacific people at educational and cultural booths, listen to live music from local artists such as Sistah Roz and Conscious Roots, take part in demonstrations and check out Solomon Enos’s new T-shirt design.

McCarthy Mall, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Sat., 10/27, 9am–6pm, free, [kavafestival.org]