Cacy & Kiara, by Chang
Image: Roy Chang

Literary / Back in 2002, Roy Chang was inspired to create an adventure story that would work for both children and adults when, as part of a lesson for his 7th and 8th grade fine arts students, he created the original characters of Cacy and Kiara.

Ten years later, the two girls star in his first novel, Cacy and Kiara and the Curse of the Kii, which is also illustrated by the author, who also happens to be an art teacher, editorial cartoonist and freelance illustrator.

Next Wednesday (coinciding with the release of our Winter Books issue, including a review of the novel), you can meet author & illustrator Roy Chang to see for yourself how the Midweek cartoonist created manga-style drawings to go along with his story.

“I wanted young Hawaii readers to have literary characters and stories they could relate to and embrace as their own, Chang said. “Rather than just the mainstream teen vampires, boy wizards and arrow-shooting girls out there.” With a setting of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the story features young school groups from Oahu, Pele and Hiiaka and some pidgin, sending his story beyond international hits to pinpoint what it is about Hawaiian culture that can be so fascinating to everyone–local or otherwise.

Kapolei Public Library, 1020 Manawai St.., Sat.,11/3 (10:30-11:30am), 693-7050; Salt Lake/Moanalua Public Library, 3225 Salt Lake Blvd., Wed., 11/7, 3pm, 831-6831, free