Mr. Monster, another Paresa classic
Image: Dana Paresa

Extras / If print is dead, then zines are zombies. These quietly circulated, self-published booklets will refuse to die at Zine Night at Merc.

“I love zines probably for a more selfish reason than anything else–they’re super-affordable, sometimes free–for a handcrafted piece of art,” says Dana Paresa, co-organizer of the event. “I love having something for almost no cost that still packs the conceptual punch.”

With topics that range from the mundane to the provocative, these local voices–no editors, no advertising, no filter–offer sneak-peeks into a zeitgeist no other media outlet can as viscerally replicate. Even in 2012, it smells like zine spirit!

“There are a lot of artists and designers contributing to this event, which I love,” Paresa says. “It’ll be a great way to get art and words into the world without the big commitment of a gallery or article–lots of talent from all walks. I’m very excited to see what happens.”

Talent includes publications from familiar artists and musicians in the scene such as Adam Funari, db amorin, Doug Upp of Shaka Talk, Kevin Tit, Marika Emi, Shawn Shits, Vincent Ricafort and YOU! If you have a zine of your own, bring it!

Mercury Bar, 1154 Fort St. Mall, Tue., 10/23, 9:30pm, free.