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Brooklyn Rider & Kayhan Kalhor
Image: Courtesy Opus 3 Artists

Concerts & Clubs / It’s not a stretch to imagine Dracula turning a padebure in his kitchen while sipping on a Bloody Mary and listening to Brooklyn Rider’s brooding four-string dissonance and harmonies. He may be a people-eater, but the man’s got taste. The Honolulu Chamber Music Series presents the Brooklyn Rider Quartet with Kayhan Kalhor to fill the Doris Duke Theatre with their haunting vibrations. Composer and violinist Colin Jacobsen says the group’s relationship with long time collaborator Kalhor goes back to 2008, when they met as a part of Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble. “When we met Kayhan, we wanted Brooklyn Rider to go more specifically into what he’s able to do with Persian instruments.” Expect two pieces composed by Jacobsen and “Silent City,” a piece by Kalhor that they performed with him in New York and on their notable 2008 recording. Along with violinist Johnny Gandelsman, violist Nicholas Cords and cellist Eric Jacobsen, the group with Kalhor will see their first time on the Island as a performing act. “This is the first time I’ll be able to perform here with the group,” Jacobsen said. “My wife’s family is from Hawaii, so it’s exciting to be able to play for them.” Kalhor is also playing a solo show at Doris Duke’s mansion near Diamond Head , named Shangri La (because in her circles, you name your houses), before playing at the Honolulu Museum’s Theatre and flying to Maui with Brooklyn Ryder again. “I think that hopefully people [in Hawaii] will appreciate the music, as Hawaii is a place where a lot of different cultures come together,” Jacobsen said. “Kayhan, with his Persian music and the western string quartet; you know, sometimes things can get surprising.”

Doris Duke Theatre at the Honolulu Museum of Art, Tue., 10/30, 7:30pm, with a pre-concert talk hosted by Hawaii Public Radio’s Joan Canfield at 6:30pm, $48–50, [], [].