A one-night affair for an unlikely pair
Image: Courtesy TAG

Stage / If drama, vodka, and luscious Russian dishes sound like the perfect mix on a Friday night, you’re in luck. For their production of the historical drama Anna: Love in the Cold War, The Actor’s Group (TAG) will celebrate the award-winning playwright, Nancy P. Moss, with an Opening Night Gala Fundraiser in her honor.

The play returns home to TAG–where it premiered and earned a Pookela award for Best Original Script in 2002–after being produced last year at New York’s Dorothy Strelsin Theatre. Starring Terri Madden as Russian poet Anna Akhmatova and Scott Francis Russell as British philosopher Isaiah Berlin, the story takes place in one evening and presents audiences with a glimpse into the personal life of a Russian literary icon living in 1945 Leningrad under Stalin’s oppression.

“I feel an enormous sense of responsibility,” said first-time director Peter Clark, noting the desire to honestly and accurately portray the people, place, and time of the play.

“It’s a lot of trial and error,” Clark explained when asked how one goes about staging a play with only two characters. He’s also called in some of his theatre mentors for support. With so many important decisions to be made before opening night, Clark confided that he’s looking forward to the party.

The fundraiser will feature pre-show, intermission, and post-show drinks, delectables, and delicacies. As Moss and her husband have been great supporters of TAG through the years, the night is a chance to show appreciation, while also celebrating her work, and raising money for the theatre. Everyone’s a winner!

Dole Cannery Square, 650 Iwilei Rd., Suite 101, Fri 10/12 Opening Night Gala Fundraiser $60, Anna: Love in the Cold War runs from 10/12-11/4, $12-$20, [[]], 722-6941