On Stage

On Stage
Nancy Allen Lundy plays an ambitious maid in the mistaken identity-prone opera “Die Fledermaus.”

On Stage / Henry Akina, director of Hawaii Opera Theatre, describes the opera’s first show of the season as “a lot of fun, yet nasty at the same time. And maybe even more fun because of that!” One look at Die Fledermaus plot and you’ll know what he’s talking about. Revenge, love triangles, drunken jailers and cheating wives. What’s not to love?

Die Fledermaus, originally written by German composer Johann Strauss, is a three-act opera about Rosalinda (Barbara Shirvis) and her husband, Gabriel von Eisenstein (Richard Troxell). When an old flame is thrown into the mix, a love triangle unfolds. Set in Vienna during the 1890s, everything goes wrong in classic comic style, which makes the tale terrible in all the right ways. Local theatre star Larry Paxton joins the cast as the drunken jailer.

As this is HOT’s first show in a new seasonal schedule [Sept. 19, Fall Arts Issue], there’s definitely a sense of expectancy. But like the von Eistensteins’ own marriage, we’re pretty sure everything will turn out more than alright. Directed by Akina with the orchestra conducted by Robert Wood, the play promises to be tragicomic fun.

Neal Blaisdell Center, 999 S. King Street, Fri., 10/12, 8pm, Sun., 10/14, 4pm, Tue., 10/16, 7pm, [hawaiiopera.org], $20-$120, 596-7658