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Concerts & Clubs
Sailing through the relationship of Earth
Image: Elizebeth Garrison

Concerts & Clubs / It’s time for all people to gather forces and say yay or nay,” says singer/songwriter Millicent Cummings about our relationship to the changing landscape of our world. Her musical journey is a “quest to find uncompromised freedom and unconditional love between people, no matter who you are or where you are.”

Cummings’s conceptual concert, Relation Ship (which will be recorded live this Saturday) aims to “capture the live quality of music, about our time right now,” Cummings says. “It’s a very timely and timeless commentary on life on our planet right now in this [period] of transition. There are lots of things changing with the Occupy movement, food sovereignty (particularly here in Hawaii), GMOs, chem trails. They affect all people, but very few have a say.”

Embarking on a national tour in the summer of 2013, Cummings will take her music from this new CD and film a documentary at the same time with interviews and footage of places across the country that have been impacted most by these topics.

“The crucial thing here is the relationships we have with ourselves, each other and the planet,” the non-traditional slack key artist says, hoping to have us hop onboard the relation ship that is Mother Earth.

Atherton Performing Arts Studio, 738 Kaheka St., Sat., 12/1, 7:30–9:30pm, $15–25, [], 955-8821