Concerts & Clubs

Concerts & Clubs
Shigeto: bending minds since 2008
Image: Courtesy Shigeto

Concerts & Clubs / Spells Hawaii is back with another installment of their avant-garde electronic, mind-bending visual and music events at Loft in Space. Theirs are the sort of events that have people walking into the room surprised, no matter what they thought they were in for. “I used to go to the mainland to see shows like these because that was the only way I could,” Selders told me after the successful Tokimonsta show in September. Not only is their taste in music on point, perfectly gliding between the boundaries of hip hop and nerve-tingling electronica, but the visuals, created by Hypoetical and projected onto the warehouse above our heads, is larger than life.

This month, Joseph Paahana, a.k.a. UVAV, and Hypoetical are back to accompany the music of Ghostly International’s Dabrye and Shigeto. Ghostly is a music label that feels kind of like an art museum rather than a label, with artists that Selders has been stuck on bringing to Hawaii for years. Dabrye, a multi-faceted Michigan-based producer impossible to pigeon-hole into any one genre often has his style of electronic hip hop thrown into the “Intelligent Dance Music” category, like much of the Ghostly’s artists. The young Shigeto can also hold it down on every level, playing drums live to accompany his fluidly technical beats.

With the art, music, and Omega Cix as the host, Spells is building an incredibly creative, complete aesthetic experience. Our brains thank you for it.

Fresh Café, 831 Queen St., Sat, 11/17, 9pm–2am, 18+ $15, []