Alice in . . . Jungerland?
Image: Jonathan Reyn

Stage / Alice in Wonderland hits the stage at Leeward Community College Theatre in a big way, with a suprising approach to Lewis Carroll’s classical, fantastical tale. Director Betty Burdick’s unique retelling applies the psychology of Carl Jung to Alice’s escapades in dreamland. She explains that, in a Jungian interpretation of dreams (remember, Alice fell asleep beside the riverbank just before that dapper white rabbit sped by), everyone you meet is a part of you. There’s room for genuine reflection along with the nonsense and silliness; you may even learn about yourself in the process.

The play also features another in a long list of brilliant LCC theater-and-music department collaborations with John Signor, a music ensemble professor at the college. Ten diverse musicians from the ensemble (made up of current and former students) have come together with Signor to create original songs for the production. The actors all sing and several band members go back and forth from pit to stage. “It should be a fun time,” Burdick says of the 90-minute “mushing together” of Alice and Jung . . . I hope people enjoy it.” With Signor, Jung, Burdick, Carroll and choreography by Coco Chandelier, odds are Burdick has nothing to worry about.

Leeward Community College Theatre, 96-045 Ala ‘Ike St., 11/9–11/10, 11/15–11/17, 8pm, and 11/11, 4pm, $10–$23, 455-0385, []