Food & Drink

Food & Drink
Chef Ed Kenney and local ceramist Daven Hee, with a pig in clay
Image: Debra Hartley

Food & Drink / We get so passionate about local food. Just see our whole issue on the subject [“Local Farms, Local Food,” Oct. 17]. But why can’t the dishes in which it’s served be local, too? That was the synopsis of part one of the Fall in to Food series, which bring together art, food and tradition at three different events.

Co-hosted by Fishcake and Melanie Kosaka of []–a culinary website run by local food enthusiasts–the first event started out strong. Chefs, farmers and ceramists showed up, providing dishes designed specifically for each chef’s restaurant. The highlight? Tastings of Town executive chef Ed Kenney’s tender pork encased in clay and fired in ceramist Daven Hee’s kiln. Delicious!

Sequel: Street + Spicy. Kosaka’s brother Chef Lance of Café Julia will teach you how to jazz up Vietnamese pork lettuce wraps and make easy marinades and salad dressings. Kosaka hopes the food will give you the chance to “serve something new for the holidays.” After a family-style lunch, enjoy tea and tistane tastings by Pacific Place Tea Garden. There will also be a special guest appearance by Susan Feniger, creator of “Street by Susan Feniger,” via Skype. Extra goodies: a free mini herb pot from Hee and exclusive on-sale tabletops items. Stay tuned for part three, which will feature traditional Japanese New Year recipes.

Fishcake, 307 Kamani St., Sat., 11/10, 11am-1pm, $65, [], [], 593-1231