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Concerts & Clubs
Thankful for Shimabukuro.
Image: Sencame

Concerts & Clubs / The inaugural Jake Shimabukuro & Friends Concert is this weekend. Its headlining international virtuoso showcases Shimabukuro on the state’s most common four-string instrument, but what to us may sound ubiquitous has won over tons of hearts in the past few years.

Seriously, ‘ukulele keep making appearances all over pop culture lately. For better or worse, depending on your threshold for shrill, Train’s “Soul Sister” was pretty much made for the ‘ukulele. Eddie Vedder looks like your cool uncle playing one on his latest CD. I don’t watch Glee, but it probably showed up in an episode recently. Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine crooned indie cuteness, casually strummin’ his heart out on an ‘ukulele. But before all these guys, there was local boy Jake Shimabukuro. That’s right, I just went there. I’m calling Jake Shimabukuro the original Ryan Gosling.

At the Hawaii Theatre, Shimabukuro brings it full circle, performing in Honolulu, the worldwide phenom’s beloved hometown. On Thanksgiving night, he’ll celebrate what he’s most thankful for–the little instrument that could, his ‘ukulele–performing tracks off his latest album Grand Ukulele. By his final song, you’ll be thankful for him.

Hawaii Theatre, 1130 Bethel St., Sat., 11/24, 8pm, $20–$60, [], 528-0506