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Eric Rose, breakfast slinger professional
Image: James Cave

Food & Drink / It was always one of those special nights when your parents would let you eat breakfast for dinner–usually because they were about to tell you some bad news (after 36 years, it’s time to move out) or ask you to do them a huge favor (after 36 years, it’s time to move out). But at Night Breakfast, Morning Glass Cafe in Manoa will offer this experience without all the familial obligation. Owner, baker and chef Eric Rose has offered hung-over hipsters and foodies alike local and fresh omelets, burritos, scones and Hawaiian full-immersion coffee for almost two years, but has only served dinner sporadically. “We like serving dinner,” says Rose. “But we’ve always expanded Morning Glass slowly,” he explains, adding that his idea of growth moves much more smoothly when done at a manageable and natural pace.

“With the night breakfast, we just always thought it would be cool to do, taking breakfast another step forward,” he says.

Rose is still creating the menu, but the tentative six course, prix fixe program will go something like this: An appetizer of sweet bread, like a chocolate loaf with a peanut spread or an Asian-inspired banana cake, is followed by either a trio of flavored bacons, sugar-cured or spiced, or pork belly with grits and Naked Cow cheese. Then, in an ode to Shopsins, in New York, Rose plans to play on chicken and waffles with a mac ‘n cheese waffle and garlic chicken plate, followed by a biscuit and gravy/Eggs Benedict face-off: mini biscuits, Morning Glass’s Shinsato Farms pork sausage and a small egg and a “loose interpretation” of the loco moco–hapa rice. Coconut-braised beef–will follow, rounded out with a dessert of cereal milk ice cream pie. “They won’t be huge portions,” Rose said abashedly, “because we obviously want everybody to be able to make it through the whole dinner . . . It’s breakfast at night; we just want to have fun with it.” Since it’s BYOB, it might be a good idea to pack a bag with the best mimosa ingredients.

2955 E. Manoa Rd., Wed., 11/21, Thu., 11/22, 6pm, 744-8404, $40/seat, RSVP required