Concerts & Clubs

Concerts & Clubs
Cleveland is the city we come from so run run run.

Concerts & Clubs / The best way to get a hold on this year’s turkey festivities is with a wishbone of a different kind. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but if the phrases “thug luv” and “thuggish ruggish” mean anything to you, you know which bone we’re talking about. Wish Bone and the rest of the original Bone Thugs-N-Harmony crewmembers–Bizzy Bone, Flesh-N-Bone, Layzie Bone and Krazie Bone–all back and teaching the world how to live as thugs in harmony, co-headline BAMP Project’s Point Panic Festival 2012 at the Kakaako Waterfront Amphitheatre.

Sharing the banner with Sublime with Rome and Groundation, this is one of the first times Bone has played as the original crew in a long time. Bizzy, we missed you.

“Bone is solid; I don’t know if we ever really broke up,” Bizzy said to us on the phone. “The only thing that really breaks you apart, is when the people runnin’ the show try to take the money and run . . . We’re just respecting our 20 years together.”

Quintessential in rap culture (we might even call them vintage–GASP!), Bone seems like they’re part of the recent wave of groups from the past making a comeback. It could be that they just love music and want to spread the harmonious message of thuggery to a whole new generation, but we figure it probably has more to do with getting paid. We all win. Break out your JNCOs and Bulls jerseys and “Step up, hear the funk of the jump that the thugstas feel.”

Kakaako Waterfront Amphitheatre, 102 Ohe St., Sat, 11/17, 5pm, 18+ $39.50–90, []