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Festivals & Fairs
The gentleman’s agreement, for everyone

Festivals & Fairs / Remember Kyle MacDonald, the guy who traded up from a red paper clip into a house? The guy was a master of bartering. Skillshare, a new bartering and trading event at Fresh Café, is kind of like that, but based more around the idea that paying with the currency of relationships, goods and services–without using any money whatsoever–has the potential to build a better community.

“Skillshare is a simple way for us all to shift away from being consumers with rights towards being producers with responsibilities,” says event organizer Matthew Lynch. “Our communities grow stronger each time we make a personal connection that is not based solely upon a monetary transaction. Everyone has something valuable to offer at Skillshare.”

Lynch says they envision it to be like Art & Flea, but “instead of money changing hands, people negotiate, barter, trade [or] swap . . . As this is the first event of its kind in Oahu (that we know of), we’re figuring it out as we go.” It sounds like a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-boardshorts kind of thing, but it has the potential to really take off. People who register will receive a nametag describing the skill they’re offering, and workshops and demonstrations will illustrate things such as capoeira, juggling or how to “uncook.” Lynch also hints at a “huge” white elephant re-gifting game, so bring your brilliance and those unwanted gifts, and get creative. The sky’s the limit for services or materials to trade.

Fresh Café, 831 Queen St., Thu., 12/27, 7–11pm, 688-8055, free, register at [email: skillshareHI]