A-blog-ocalypse Party!
Image: Courtesy The Knocks

Festivals / OMG, 12/21 really is The End of the World, at least if you’re a fan of everyone’s favorite Honolulu Weekly “Sociallite” Super CW (known to mortals as Christa Wittmier), who is throwing her final “one. last. time.” [supercw.com] presents The LAST EVER!!! Why, you ask? Because blogging on the regular in the face of Mayan prophecies is tough, and a party is just way more epic anyway. #YOLO

If you ever fell victim to sitting in on a weekend (or weekday) because “there’s nothing to do here”–wah, wah, rookie excuse–you could’ve checked in on @supercw to zero into a who’s-who and what’s-what of where’s-where to the virtual second, and lucky for you, me, everyone, she’s gathering this whole stream of “bests” for her annual and final bash.

This Friday you can celebrate all the good things our local arts/culture scene had to offer during the [supercw.com] years. Designer Matt Bruening will unveil a new holiday collection BLVQ. You can pour it up with Grey Goose and Bacardi, catch a limited “Best of 2012” CD, a mix of 29 tracks layed out by CW and DJ Soundcheck (only for the first 200 people, so be early), and get down with headlining electro-pop duo The Knocks.

Ultimately, it’s a fundraiser for the third year of Pow Wow Hawaii, which starts in February, so admissions go to a fun cause. But that’s all just the frosting on the cake–iced with “CW”–because it’s also her birthday. Save the date. No time to make a wish, just be there. Laugh. Drink. Dance. We might not live to see tomorrow!

Matthew DeKneef

The Republik, 1349 Kapiolani Blvd., 3rd floor, Fri., 12/21, 6pm–12am, $20, facebook search: [supercw.com] presents The LAST EVER!!!