Since when can fish read?
Image: Courtesy ImaginOcean

Stage / Tank, Bubbles and Dorsel are three fishy friends who discover a treasure map during a game of bubble ball, spurring a cross-ocean journey in Emmy- and Tony Award-nominated John Tartaglia’s family musical, ImaginOcean. It’s kind of like Finding Nemo, but with black light and puppets coming together in a live show that’s not only appealing to kids, but fun for all those who love the creativity it takes to bring such a show to life.

As the aquatic animals try to find three medals on their way to the treasure, they meet a series of creatures that help them. All of them are bright fluorescent colors, which make them pop and their puppeteers disappear into the blackness as if the puppets are their own beings. On top of entertaining, it’s an educational romp that can teach kids all about the ocean–an especially important topic in Hawaii.

On the Hawaii Theatre Center’s website, a downloadable study guide gives a synopsis of the story with character descriptions, activities and information to instruct kids beyond the one-hour performance.

Hawaii Theatre, 1130 Bethel St., various times through 12/23, $5–$37, [], 528-0506