Garrett Hols, Bill Carr & Seth Lilley
Image: Alex munro

Stage / When I ask Troy Apostal how rehearsals are going for TAG’s upcoming production of The Pillowman, he doesn’t hesitate. “It’s going full throttle,” says the director. “[They’re] such an amazing, dedicated group of actors, especially to be brave enough to deal with subject matter this disturbing.”

Not only disturbing, Pillowman is thought-provoking and funny, in its own way. The play, by Irish playwright Martin McDonagh, was originally inspired by the darkness he saw in fairy tales. (A wolf ate Hood’s helpless granny, and Hansel and Gretel did push that witch into the oven, you’ll remember.) Pillowman is the story of Katurian, a fiction writer living in a police state, whose terrifying works suspiciously mimic a number of murders that have recently occurred in his town. The Tony Award-winning play looks at art, freedom, cruelty and the power of a story told. TAG cautions, “Profanity and disturbing situations may not be suitable for all audiences,” but, Apostal adds, smiling, “Don’t be afraid. We guarantee if you see this show you will not be disappointed. Be brave and see some truly wicked theater.”

Dole Cannery Square, 650 Iwilei Rd., Ste. 101, runs 12/14–1/6, Thu.–Sat., 7:30pm, Sun., 2pm, $12–$20, [], 722-6941