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Concerts & Clubs
Finger-breakin’ good.

Prine Time

Concerts & Clubs / Winter is prime time for John Prine, classic singer-songwriter who headlines at the Hawaii Theatre Dec. 29 with opening act Led Kaapana. Prine has the kind of voice that fills a room with cranky warmth and writes the kind of lyrics that go equally well with a cup of Earl Grey or a shot of Jack Daniels, or maybe both, if that’s your breakfast of champions. Working with folk, folk-rock and even rockabilly, Prine has given us now-classic songs such as “Hello in There” (best song ever about your parents), “Illegal Smile” (best pot song next to “Willin’”), “In Spite of Ourselves” (best roughhouse love song), “Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian”/“Dear Abby”/“Jesus The Missing Years” (all funny as hell) and “Christmas in Prison” (a song that many a guest of the correctional authorities claims got him or her through the night). Early on, both Bob Dylan and Kris Kristofferson embraced him, with Kristofferson famously threatening to “break his fingers” because he was so good. These days he’s promoting a new bluegrass-tinged album, Standard Songs for Average People, but catching John Prine doing anything will give you something to tell your grandkids about.

Hawaii Theatre, 1120 Bethel St., Sat. 12/29, 8pm, $36–$66, [], 528-0506